What Kind of Brewer Are You

What Kind of Brewer Are You?

Did you make coffee this morning? If so, what kind of brewer are you? A purist with a French press? A discriminating consumer using a drip coffee maker, perhaps with freshly-ground whole beans? Maybe you went cutting edge with a new pourover, Chemex or even glass titrating apparatus?

Or, are you a trend-savvy early adopter who brewed an individual cup using single-cup brewer? Statistically, one in five of you did – so says new market research from NCA.

Indeed, 20% of daily coffee drinkers said they made their coffee in a single-cup brewer. NCA’s newly published Single-Cup Format: Another Year of Growth and Impact, says that’s up from just 7% who used a single-cup brewer in 2010. At the same time, daily drinkers who use traditional drip coffee makers fell from 77% in 2010 to 58% in 2013.

If you own a single-cup brewer, you’re also in good company. Statistically, 12% of coffee drinkers do, up from 10% last year and just 4% in 2007. Awareness has soared, up to 82% versus 71% last year. If you’re in the market for one, you’re part of 17% of aware consumers who plan to purchase one in the next six months, up from just 7% in 2007.

Variety and Visibility

Drivers of the popularity of the single-cup brewing format appear to be convenience and variety. Often, making a full pot of coffee can be a time concern for the morning routine, or yields more coffee than you need. Convenience has been an important factor in consumer choices that plays out in other NCA tracking studies.

Syncing with other NCA market research, another driver of single-cup popularity is the ease of sampling a variety of coffee options. Over the last decade, consumers have told NCA they’ve become more aware of the expanding menu of available coffee options, and they appear to have an insatiable appetite to sample them. The marketplace appears to have enormous elasticity, as consumers seek out more options and look to different coffees to fill various roles throughout their day. Single-cup brewers give consumers an easy option for sampling a wide variety of coffees, even multiple ones at any given time.

Anecdotally, just take a look on supermarket and retailer shelves. The space that’s now being devoted to coffee in various capsule formats is huge. Also, appliance sellers, big-box retailers and even home furnishing retailers are creating new space to display and sell the capsules. Clearly, the marketplace is reflecting what NCA market research is measuring.

Other Data

Other data in the report span a wide array of factors related to single-cup brewer usage. Among the detailed tracking data relating to usage are: purchase intent, gifting trends and intent, time owned, usage by age group, types of beverage made, time of day, cups per day, share of coffee, and attitudes toward quality, value and convenience.