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Following Coffee?

Consumers are jumping in to follow coffee – not the beverage alone, but also the culture and the experience. There’s a whole world that’s grown up around coffee – morning rites, social situations, cultural norms, identifiable icons and images, celebrated occasions and experiences, epicurean enjoyment, and multi-faceted associations with fun and frivolity.

Capturing the world of coffee is like herding cats. But, NCA’s new online coffeehouse concept has taken on the task. And, the early results show that it’s working deliciously.

In just four months, has delivered a plethora of rich content, as well as hundreds of Facebook and Twitter posts that celebrate all aspects of the coffee experience. There’s material from the sublime to the whimsical, technical to the hilarious, and everything in between. The connection is coffee and the lifestyle that has grown up around it. Here are just a few examples of what you can find:

·         The latest episode of Season 2 of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

·         Coffee-based recipes and a chance to vote for the winner of the “Everything Tastes Better With Coffee” recipe contest

·         Latest findings of scientists linking coffee with significant health benefits

·         Funny videos and cartoons on coffee likes, habits and legends

·         Explanations behind coffee history and lore – like why we call it “joe”

·         Efforts to make sure coffee is grown in a sustainable way, and information about the certifications that prove it

·         Original music, like what you might hear at your local coffeehouse

·         Opportunities to buy coffee-related things at good prices – like coffee-themed shoes and coffee jewelry

·         Quirky coffee news items, such as what your coffee order may say about your personality and which city ranks top in coffee consumption

·         Information about how coffee is grown, harvested and processed

·         Coffee-centric quizzes, games and contests to test your coffee IQ and win gift cards and other prizes.

·         Useful tips on brewing methods and techniques

And, that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. New content is being posted every day. Don’t miss a trick – or, for that matter, a fact, figure, cartoon, tip, recipe . . . .

Exploding Audience

An exploding number of consumers are jumping online to get the full coffee experience. Since MyVirtualCoffeehouse.comlaunched in early February, monthly visits have grown exponentially:









 MyVirtualCoffeehouse also has robust social media presence with Facebook and Twitter extension pages. Consumers partaking of the experience has ramped up exponentially:

























Here’s what to do:

• Visit
• “Like” us on Facebook:
• “Follow us on Twitter:

See you in the coffeehouse if only you jump online!

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The Fourth Space?

The coffee shop has become a paradigm of the “third space” – neither home nor work or school, but a place where you can relax, socialize, be productive and have some fun. In a new twist, you can take the shop on the road and “remote in” to the experience. brings the coffeehouse experience online. The site delivers the sights, sounds and accoutrements of the coffee shop to your desk or mobile device. It’s an interactive platform where you can revel in coffee culture and its many elements – culinary, social, and cultural.

Learn more about coffee, get the scoop on new trends and tastes, listen to original music, get tips and bargains on unique coffee-related items, interact with fellow coffee enthusiasts, share content, find recipes, and enter contests.

And, there’s more. has a strong presence on social media as well. Daily posts on Facebook ( and Twitter ( share a potpourri of fun, informative, quirky and always entertaining tidbits on coffee, as well as content from the MyVirtualCoffeehouse website.

The virtual coffeehouse community is growing rapidly. Facebook “likes” have jumped from none to nearly 8,000 since the page was launched in February. User-initiated activity is up by about 6000%, and unique visitors by 1000%. Twitter followers total nearly 27,000, up 20,000 over the last eight weeks alone.

A lot of good stuff pivots around the coffee experience. Don’t miss out on the fun:
• Visit
• Log on and “like”
• Begin following

Could MyVirtualCoffeehouse be coffee’s new, “fourth space?” Be part of the wave that is quickly turning that question into a phenomenon.

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The World’s First Online Coffeehouse

What can’t you do online these days? You can buy new shoes. Pay your bills. Order the week’s groceries. Watch old sitcoms and new movies. Maybe even meet a spouse.

So what about your coffee? While sip-cams would be the stuff of science fiction, soon you will be able to enjoy the coffee experience on your desktop or mobile device.

That’s right. The world’s first Online Coffeehouse will soon be launched by the National Coffee Association. NCA’s new© will be a celebration of the coffee culture, lifestyle and experience within the interactive frame of an online coffeehouse environment.

While the coffee experience revolves around America’s favorite beverage, it’s also much more. Coffee’s a staple not only of our daily diets, but also of our daily lives. It’s a multi-faceted beverage that improves life in many distinct and complementary ways. It fills many roles – cultural icon, conversation starter, social vehicle, taste sensation, healthful food choice, companion to artistic expression, driver of good times, socioeconomic provider, and many others.© is designed to capture and celebrate coffee’s multi-faceted contributions to an active, committed, fulfilled and enjoyable life as they echo in the culture and lifestyle that revolves around the beverage. The site will evoke the flavor and experience associated with the coffeehouse setting – the coffee, the company, the environment, the occasion.

Presented in a crisp, compelling writing style, the site will feature the many compelling attributes that make up the overall experience – conversation, shared interests, specially licensed music, coffee-centric quizzes and contests, recipes and recipe contests, steals and deals on coffee-related paraphernalia, cause-related information and discussion, and all types of “coffeeana©” – like blend and flavor favorites, facts and figures on coffee research, coffee history and trivia, brewing techniques and equipment, cultural icons, and much more.

So, next time you stay in to do your shopping, don’t forget to take a break and enjoy your coffee, too. Stay tuned for the grand opening of MyVitrualCoffeehouse.

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