Finding Your Match Online

Finding Your Match Online?

Interpersonal communications is not what it used to be. At least, that is, in terms of how people meet, greet, and stay in touch. Technology has opened up a world of advanced possibilities for finding, connecting and communicating – whether with friends, colleagues, fellow hobbyists, vendors, sales prospects, or others. While the variety of new channels can make interaction less personal, it certainly enables communication to be more precisely targeted than ever before.

The same holds true for job hunting. While online search has been around for some time, more avenues are being opened up for highly targeted matches between job seekers and employers. Professional associations are hosting job boards that link job seekers and positions within the functions or industries they serve. Many organizations also enable job seekers to register and apply directly on their websites. Other, independent job search services collect jobs in the arts, philanthropic organizations, public interest, and other special targets.

But, there has never been a job board targeted to coffee professionals – until today. The National Coffee Association has just launched the NCA Career Center. It’s an interactive job board that zeroes in on coffee industry companies, professionals and related disciplines. It’s a resource that will cover all professional roles – from barista to commodities trader, roast master to packaging chemist, food service professional to logistics executive, and so on – as long as there is a genuine connection to coffee.

The NCA Career Center will be available both to NCA members and non-members to reach qualified candidates from a highly targeted talent pool. Employers can post jobs online, search for qualified candidates based on specific job criteria and create an online resume agent to email qualified candidates daily. Employers can also access online reporting, which provides job activity statistics to track each job posting’s Return on Investment (ROI).

For job seekers, the NCA Career Center is a free service, delivering access to employers and jobs across all industry sectors, roles and related functions. Job seekers can browse and view jobs using criteria they choose to align with their individual career goals. They can also upload their resumes confidentially to the site. Also, they can search anonymously by creating a Job Agent that notifies them via email when jobs matching their criteria are posted. That eliminates the need to check their accounts daily to track new postings.

So, are you a professional in a coffee-related role, or do you know one? Are you looking for a highly qualified individual with targeted skills and experience, but the resumes you’re finding are all over the map?

Then, the NCA Career Center gives you a new channel, dedicated to the connections you want to make. Bringing technology to a new target audience, it’s not only a new way to communicate but also a better way to connect. Whether job seeker or job poster, the process will be easier and more effective.

Will you find your match online? “Yes” has just become a more likely answer.