Serving Coffee

NCA Kicks off Blog – Welcome to SERVING COFFEE

Welcome to the National Coffee Association new blog, Serving Coffee.

Describing coffee, Gertrude Stein once said “It’s a lot more than just a drink; it’s something happening.” The world’s most popular beverage, coffee does have a lot going on.

Grown in 60 countries, it provides a livelihood for 25 million farming families. One of the world’s most traded commodities, it generates exports estimated at $16.6 billion and drives a retail market valued at $175.7 billion. A complex agricultural product with over 1,000 component substances, it’s a powerhouse of health benefits only recently uncovered. A vehicle for social interaction, it’s become a centerpiece of diverse cultural traditions around the world.

As such, coffee commands broad global attention on many fronts – including agriculture, economics, diplomacy, culture, health and trade. With that attention come a host of diverse issues – supply and demand, quality and sustainability, tariffs and treaties, government regulation and legal challenges, market research, and science and health, to name a few.

Clearly, it’s no small task to navigate this complex world that revolves around coffee.  Yet, it’s also a diverse, challenging and fascinating endeavor. As the foremost trade association for the U.S. industry, that’s what the National Coffee Association tackles every day. On these pages, NCA plans regularly to share some of the knowledge and experience base it has developed in support of its core purpose – to champion the well-being of the U.S. coffee industry within the context of the world coffee community.

So, you can look to Serving Coffee to deliver a wide variety of information about the U.S. coffee industry – including news, trends, issues, statistics, legislative and regulatory issues, legal developments, and expert analysis and commentary. You’ll also find details on NCA’s ongoing efforts to serve all segments of the industry. That means a comprehensive review of the day-to-day challenges that face all sectors of the industry.

And, today’s industry does face many challenges. However, it also enjoys some big opportunities. Volatile markets, regulatory uncertainties, shifting demographics, California legal affronts, and even climate change make it a tough time to be in the coffee business. However, strong consumer demand, ever more discerning tastes, growing awareness of quality and variety options, and single-cup and other brewing innovations make coffee purveyance a compelling endeavor.

So, stay tuned for timely and topical information that will help you, as consumer or coffee purveyor, to understand, appreciate and savor the both the beverage and the world of coffee.