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The Fourth Space?

The coffee shop has become a paradigm of the “third space” – neither home nor work or school, but a place where you can relax, socialize, be productive and have some fun. In a new twist, you can take the shop on the road and “remote in” to the experience. brings the coffeehouse experience online. The site delivers the sights, sounds and accoutrements of the coffee shop to your desk or mobile device. It’s an interactive platform where you can revel in coffee culture and its many elements – culinary, social, and cultural.

Learn more about coffee, get the scoop on new trends and tastes, listen to original music, get tips and bargains on unique coffee-related items, interact with fellow coffee enthusiasts, share content, find recipes, and enter contests.

And, there’s more. has a strong presence on social media as well. Daily posts on Facebook ( and Twitter ( share a potpourri of fun, informative, quirky and always entertaining tidbits on coffee, as well as content from the MyVirtualCoffeehouse website.

The virtual coffeehouse community is growing rapidly. Facebook “likes” have jumped from none to nearly 8,000 since the page was launched in February. User-initiated activity is up by about 6000%, and unique visitors by 1000%. Twitter followers total nearly 27,000, up 20,000 over the last eight weeks alone.

A lot of good stuff pivots around the coffee experience. Don’t miss out on the fun:
• Visit
• Log on and “like”
• Begin following

Could MyVirtualCoffeehouse be coffee’s new, “fourth space?” Be part of the wave that is quickly turning that question into a phenomenon.

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